Yoga Retreat : June 7th -11th 2018 Hoi An Vietnam, Việt Nam, Thứ năm, 07. Tháng sáu 2018

Experience rural Vietnam while being only a short distance to the beautiful beaches and cultural delights of Hoi An Ancient Town.

Luxurious, but authentic with deep work of yoga, meditation, somatic therapy and treatment helping you to discover a new understanding of your place in the Universe.

Villa stay at an intimate location on the shore of Hoi An Riverside offering you an oasis of serenity, a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind. It is a perfect ground to rejuvenate and immerge into the magic of the real Vietnam.

The surroundings invite rising with the song of the birds, taking walks or cycling along the river to the beach, watching the waves or visiting the many local temples, and experiencing the ancient center of Hoi An. Come play, relax, learn and be nurtured. Enjoy your yoga practise in a supportive, friendly you a feeling of both being away and coming home

What is included?
- 4 Nights Accomodation at An Villa, Hoi An.
- Breakfast and Evening Meal
- 2 Yoga Sessions per day
- 2 Excursions (Hoi An ancient centre and My Son Temple Complex)
- Return Airport transfer (contact us for timetable)
- One 60 minutes deeply relaxing massage
- Cycle hire

Sample Itinerary:
07:30 am Light Juice
07:45 am Yoga Session of 1 1/2 hours
09:15am Buffet Breakfast
(free time or excursion)
05:30 pm Yoga session of 1 1/2 hours
07:30 pm Eventing meal

Accomodation options:
2 Bedroom Villa $1400 USD
3 Bedroom Villa $2100 USD
Couples Private Room $1000 USD
Queen Bed Shared Studio $550 USD
Large Sofa Bed $500 USD

For details,
studio avantZgarde


Thứ năm, 07. Tháng sáu 2018, Việt Nam, Yoga Retreat : June 7th -11th 2018 Hoi An Vietnam

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