Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2020, Cung Van Hoa Viet Xo (I.C.E.), Thứ tư, 12. Tháng tám 2020

Vietnam Leading Exhibition on Machinery and Technology for Manufacturing and Supporting Industries
Increasing sophistication and expectation of customers are driving manufacturers to continually add value to their products. Higher production efficiency, skills and know-how, and ever wider business networks are vital keys to sustainable success and will be available at "Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2020" where over  200 brands from 20 countries will meet up with their prospective customers and partners. Complete with education programs and inspiring activities, this will be a springboard for manufacturer to jump into Industry 4.0 era and soar. Come be part of this forward movement.

Thứ tư, 12. Tháng tám 2020, Cung Van Hoa Viet Xo (I.C.E.), Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2020

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