UX Workshop: Improve your website/app via User Research, UP Co-working Space, Thứ bảy, 14. Tháng chín 2019

Product evangalists (Product Managers, Tech enterpreneurs, Marketers and Designers) are intensely involved in creation of Digitial products like mobile Apps or websites. In any role you play, its very satisfying if the product ends up being a market fit and profitable. However in reality many times, that's not the case. In fact 80% of the products fail after their launch. Getting a product right during its development, and if not, in first few releases is very important for commercial success. Therefore, the development of successful website or apps has to be user-validated at each stage of product lifecycle.
In reality, tight product release deadlines and lack of budget result in missing user validation. The product launch happens based on internal consensus, team members imagining themselves as Users. This approach actually postpones the problem of fixing the product to achieve user-fit. User validation has been traditionally associated with User researchers and according to literature, indeed time-taking. Furthermore, capable User Researchers are hard to find. Given these factual problems in product development, agile ways of getting user feedback becomes necessary.
The good news is, there are methdologies and tools available for quick user validation. In fact, to apply these agile methods, you only need to be a Product Evangelist and believe in User-centric products. You do not have to be a trained User Researcher or UX Designer.
This hands-on UX workshop is for all Product evangelists. It shall equip you with methods and tools available at your disposal for improving experience of your online prototypes, website, web app or mobile app - whether they are under development, nearing market launch or already facing usability problems in the market.
This workshop would enable you to launch better products, no matter which role you play in Product Creation.
Bring your Smartphones. However, Laptop is optional.
Lunch will be served. Seats have been limited for effective learning.
Ticket prices are in Singapore Dollars.
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM - Registration
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Hands-on UX Workshop
1:00 PM - Lunch and Networking

Thứ bảy, 14. Tháng chín 2019, UP Co-working Space, UX Workshop: Improve your website/app via User Research

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