[Online]How Can You Make $100 USD In A Day Through Sales Funnel Automation?, Caravelle Hotel, Hồ Chí Minh City, Thứ năm, 26. Tháng chín 2019

For the 1st Time EVER IN SINGAPORE, we will be conducting an Explosive  Hand-Held Mastery Program to help you all make $100USD~$1000USD DAILY by just lifting two fingers!!!
Hear what she has to say
First 3 days of August hit $2000 SGD Sales Revenue!
This 2 hours preview workshop you will discover:
1. How to generate 10-15 Quality Leads for your Business Every day WITHOUT running out of leads online through our "Lead Generation" Methods.
2. Know the How's to brand your business that everyone Respect, showing Authenticity, have Ethical approach and Integrity dealing with clients".
3. Multiple Strategies & Step by Step Guide to Breeze Through Self-Made Monthly Sales Target to prevent from overspending!
5. How To Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to Attract Customers & Business Builders for FREE (no PAID ads) (using just Search, Copy & Paste)
7. How To Create Your Own LEAD GENERATION EBOOK That Truly provides Value to your customers that they will remember you and look for you to purchase from you even you do not look for them!
8. How To Automate Your Business so that you can build true WEALTH in just 1 to 2 hours a day!
9. How To Be an Instant Go-To Expert in your industry for just 3 days!
10. and many other tips not taught anywhere else!

** FREE ebook will be given to attendees on
"How Can You Make $100 In A Day Through Sales Funnel Automation?" **
Worth $49.90 USD!!!**

Whatsapp Message Will Be Send To You To Confirm Your Attendance With The Full Address.
If You Do Not Receive Any Confirmation One Day Before The Event Please Contact The
Organizer Team at

Hear what A CEO has to say
$4900 Ringgit Sales Revenue the past weekend
This workshop is the first in Singapore that helps many who are looking for side income passively or would like to grow a home base business/online business in today's Digital Era of online business.
Seats are limited so RSVP early!

*Life Achievers Academy is proudly one of the partnerships of Weglobal Academy.
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Thứ năm, 26. Tháng chín 2019, Caravelle Hotel, Hồ Chí Minh City, [Online]How Can You Make $100 USD In A Day Through Sales Funnel Automation?

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