NEPCON Vietnam 2020, Cung Van Hoa Viet Xo (I.C.E.), Thứ tư, 09. Tháng chín 2020

Vietnam's Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment, and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing - 13th Edition
How will "Industry 4.0" affect the eletronics manufacturing sector? What do manufacturers have to prepare in order to thrive in the era of changes? When will it arrive? These questions and many more will find their answers at "NEPCON Vietnam 2020" as the show will explore the future of the industry through lastest technologies and solutions from 200 brands, 20 countries who will meet over 10,000 industrialists in the only annual gathering in Vietnam

Thứ tư, 09. Tháng chín 2020, Cung Van Hoa Viet Xo (I.C.E.), NEPCON Vietnam 2020

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