Meet Hult in Ho Chi Minh City - Undergraduate, Rex Hotel, Chủ nhật, 10. Tháng mười một 2019

You're invited to meet with Hult’s Associate Enrollment Director in Ho Chi Minh City and learn more about our Bachelor in Business Administration program.
During this consultation we will be available to take an in depth look into your profile. The meeting will also give you an insight into how studying at Hult could fulfil your personal, academic and career goals. You will learn about our unique Global Campus Rotation program, application requirements, and upcoming application deadline and scholarship opportunities for our programs.
Appointments are available from 10:00-17:00. Register below we'll be in touch shortly to confirm your appointment time.

Chủ nhật, 10. Tháng mười một 2019, Rex Hotel, Meet Hult in Ho Chi Minh City - Undergraduate

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