13. Tháng sáu 2018 - 19:00

Happily Never After - Hanoi Murder Mystery, Việt Nam, Thứ tư, 13. Tháng sáu 2018

Looking for something exciting and different things to do in the city? This would be one of them. Hanoi Murder Mystery is here to bring you a night of excitement, mystery and fun!

Happily Never After is the first FEMALE only Murder Mystery in town!!

This event is PRE-SALE only with NO tickets sold on the night.

Sub-character 550k ($24)
Main-character 700k ($30)
Host-character (audition required)

To get tickets, email or comment below.

Ticket includes snacks and a welcome drink.

• Only 40 spots available.
• 21+ only.

Thứ tư, 13. Tháng sáu 2018, Việt Nam, Happily Never After - Hanoi Murder Mystery

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