Hanoi Innovation Summit , Vietnam National Convention Center, Thứ năm, 29. Tháng tám 2019

Hanoi Innovation Summit is the new must-see global event for Innovation in Vietnam.
It will take place from the 28th to the 30th of August, 2019. One day devoted to professionals and two entire days open to the general public.
The 1st edition of the newest unmissable international event in South East Asia, will bring together major tech players from around the world with diverse expertise and experiences such as entrepreneurs, corporations, academics and investors together in order to (re)define innovation’s future and to accelerate growth.
Hanoi Innovation Summit’s sole purpose is to build a long-lasting bridge between leading global innovators and Asia’s blooming innovation ecosystem.
Hundreds of startups, executives, investors, policy makers, students and academics will meet for 3 vibrant days of conferences, business & networking in the prestigious Vietnam National Convention Center.
The event is aimed at anyone who believes in innovation’s power to transform and disrupt businesses and societies. Hanoi Innovation Summit will be focused around six large themes: Consumer Technology, Environment, Life Sciences, Smart Cities, Future of Work and Mobility & Logistics. An international event that includes enlightening conversations from top speakers, inspiring exhibitors, open innovation for startups and unparalleled networking experiences, Hanoi Innovation Summit is a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities.  


Vietnamese context:
Brilliantly international, this summit is to become the new innovation reference of Vietnam. Hanoi attracts the best talents and pioneers from all around the world and is about to become the next global hub of innovation. Facts are here to demonstrate it: +$7.5 USD billion dollars from Foreign Direct Investments poured into the capital and +$890 USD million invested in Vietnamese startups in 2018. With a young and motivated population, Hanoi is the ideal city in Asia to promote inclusive and sustainable innovations in emerging economies. Hanoi Innovation Summit will rally startups, entrepreneurs and leaders to celebrate the next generation of innovators.

Thứ năm, 29. Tháng tám 2019, Vietnam National Convention Center, Hanoi Innovation Summit

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