Growth Pit: The Power of Growth, The hive district 1, Thứ ba, 22. Tháng mười 2019

An intensive look at growth through a 6 stage framework. It is not about what you accomplish, rather what you become along the way. Many people begin the growth process, or dream of goals and never accomplish them because it requires the courage to stay the course and stare down our self- limiting beliefs. What if you give it everything you have and you come up short? We become disourages and go back to doing what we were doing before. 
In this course we will examine these challenges and open up about the truth and the challenges we face in our growth journey, and how to overcome them. 
If you are truly ready to move past the podcasts, audiobooks, and inspirational books and seriously work on your self growth, this is the workshop for you. 

This course is a full day course split into two half days. Only twelve seats are available.

Early Bird: 1.8 million VND (Until Oct 15 paid in advance)
Regular: 2 million VND (paid in advance)
At Door: (If not sold out) 2.2 Million VND 

Thứ ba, 22. Tháng mười 2019, The hive district 1, Growth Pit: The Power of Growth

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