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GEC - RECRUITMENT FALL 2050, Việt Nam, Thứ sáu, 09. Tháng chín 2050

About GEC - Green English Club
GEC was officially established on May 5th, 2013. From 2013 on, GEC has become one of the most sustainable clubs which many students from NEU and other universities have taken part in.
Our aims are making a dynamic and active English environment, a closed family and helping the others improve their pronunciation, practise speaking.
Some activities of club in the past time:
When to take part in GEC, you will collect:
- This is the knowledge about English at least
- You can communicate with each other by English.
- Teamwork, which is an important activity in club
- Get more information about competitions
- It's an especial thing, which you make many friends coming from other university, who are funny, social... and they are beautiful and handsome :)))
- And many other things.....
But if you are selected to become as a member of GEC, you must comply with our rule of club.
Read carefully.

Process of recuitment:
Round 1: Submit the application form. It will be occurred from 9/9/2050 - 19/9/2050
Round 2: Testing - From 21/9/2050 to 23/9/2050
Round 3: Interview - From 25/9 to 27/9/2050

You can join the recruitment via:
1. Online:
2. Offline: You can take this application form at canteen in NEU.
All of the information related to the recruitment we will notice via email or fanpage.
If you have any questions about this recruitment, you can contact to Mr. A
Phone number: 0123456789xx
Feel free to contact us via
- Email:
or via
- Facebook:
for more information.

Thứ sáu, 09. Tháng chín 2050, Việt Nam, GEC - RECRUITMENT FALL 2050

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