Fund-Raising: Are you looking to raise capital, but not sure where to start?- Ho Chi Minh City, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers - Ho Chi Minh City, Thứ hai, 28. Tháng mười 2019

When I started my own company, I was too afraid to break out from my family funds. I had a million reasons why I could not raise capital. Thoughts like, “No one would be interested;” or “They are going to tell me I am crazy;” or “I don’t know where to start” filled my head. When I came to China, I found myself raising capital for other peoples companies and realized that the process, although not easy at times, is definitely worth the effort. Not only will your company start on the right foot (that is to say, funded), but also your business plan and story will crystalize.  

Approach: My approach to fund-raising is not just about knowing the right people (although that is definitely an important part), it is about understanding the process; knowing the questions that will be asked; perfecting the story or pitch, identifying the interested investors; creating the strategy; building the relationship; and lastly understanding the pros and cons to the term sheets you will receive.  

Results: Although I would hardly call myself an expert, I have been able to either sell or raise capital for over $550 million dollars’ worth of assets.



Sharon Chen made her career in selling businesses and business ideas. Since her time at Citi investment banking in San Francisco to today at Brookfield Properties, she has sold over $550 million dollars’ worth in assets, around 48% of the total deal values in her professional history.  

Before joining Brookfield, Sharon was Vice President at The Capbridge Group; a private equity real estate group specialized in healthcare and hospitality real estate investment. She started her career as an analyst at Citi’s Investment Banking Group where she specialized in LBOs and exit opportunities such as sell-sides and IPOs for TPG Capital, McDonald Ventures, and other PE/VC groups.  

Additionally, she founded a media production company in Beverly Hills that specialized in reality TV entrepreneurial content, which now sits with Entertainment One. Sharon has been a judge for Harvard’s startup competition, i3, since 2014 and mentors startups in her free time.  

Sharon has an MBA and a Masters in Advance Finance from IE Business School and a Bachelors in Business Economics and minor in Accounting from UCLA.  

Thứ hai, 28. Tháng mười 2019, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers - Ho Chi Minh City, Fund-Raising: Are you looking to raise capital, but not sure where to start?- Ho Chi Minh City

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