Contract Administration (HCMC - Vietnam), Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel, Thứ năm, 12. Tháng mười hai 2019

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The impacts caused by poor contract administration directly affect business and can result in several losses and disputes. This requires knowledge and skills related to contract provisions application, the ability to set up appropriate office procedures and to keep accurate records commensurate for the scale and nature of the projects contract.
This one-day contract administration course will provide a practical insight into up-to-date practices on construction/infrastructure contracts. Topics on contractual requirements, best practice, modern methods of information management and guidance on post contract administration procedures will also be covered during the course.
With extensive experience will be sharing about the real-world case studies on building / infrastructure projects, giving participants the best practice and knowledge guidance on administrating construction contracts that they are working on. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the implementation of the topics discussed by completing a practical example on documentation.

Learning objectives

Recognise bad practice and demonstrate good practice

Appreciate the need for good record keeping

Avoid claims being barred and disputes by administering contracts professionally

Collect factual data to support monetary and time claims

Analyse and interpret the variation process from inception to valuation

Take early action to maintain control

Understand various commercial processes

Thứ năm, 12. Tháng mười hai 2019, Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel, Contract Administration (HCMC - Vietnam)

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