AD BUYERS VIETNAM MEETUP 2019, Reverie Saigon, 5th Floor, Thứ ba, 10. Tháng mười hai 2019

Want to start a conversation with industry-leading experts, innovative
entrepreneurs, and savvy marketers? Join ShineOn, DFO Global,
and other top ecommerce companies at the Ad Buyers Vietnam Meetup!  
The Vietnam 2019 Meetup will be held on December 10th in
Ho Chi Minh City. Venue will be filled to capacity, drinks will be flowing,
and genius will be shared. Sponsors will get the best tables, open bar
service, extensive branding, marketing opportunities, and can
guarantee entry for their friends and clients.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thứ ba, 10. Tháng mười hai 2019, Reverie Saigon, 5th Floor, AD BUYERS VIETNAM MEETUP 2019

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